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$95/1hr session

$85/1hr treatment

For those with 70+ years of life experience.


  General Rate:   

  Wisdom Rate:   

Each session is 60 minutes. Please arrive just before your scheduled appointment time!

Loose-fitting clothes are best in order to optimally evaluate and treat your body. 

*Includes GST

*Includes GST

**Please take note of the rate change, beginning February 13th, 2023    

*$110/hr + tax   

*$100/hr + tax   

during your visit

What to Expect

Initial Visit

To treat the whole body, we must evaluate the whole body!  Your first visit will involve a complete review of your health history and present complaints, followed by a thorough evaluation of your current physical state of being.  Treatment based on the findings will follow, keeping in mind your health goals.

Please bring clothing that you can move in! A pair of shorts and a loose shirt will do just fine! 

Following Visits

Each session will begin with a reassessment and reevaluation of your health goals!   Treatment will then follow to address your primary complaints through normalizing dysfunctions of the body. 

I went and saw Kensey for some pain in my tailbone postpartum. I saw her for two sessions and have noticed a lot of improvement! She’s extremely professional and made the hour appointment fly by! I would highly recommend her to friends and family. :)

- Happy Client

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What to Expect
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